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MCTU Approach

  • Participatory approach: MCTU encourage all affiliates and workers to participate actively in its program from needs assessment to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation and sharing of lessons learned.
  • Workers’ centered  approach: Workers are central to MCTU  development efforts and interventions
  • Collaboration: MCTU closely works and engages with the Government of Malawi, Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) and other stakeholders on various social issues affecting workers.
  • Needs driven approach: MCTU activities are informed by scientific research which establishes area of focus hence they are demand driven especially with workers and affiliates.
  • Accountability and  transparency:  all  the  Program activities  and  corresponding  budget allocated for that particular  Program are transparent.

Anyone at any time can have access to this information, if requested. In addition MCTU accounts are audited annually and are submitted to Ministry of Labour and all affiliates at the end of every financial year.