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Benefits for Union Employees

Union which are also employers confirm that, they provide bargaining space on a regular basis, medical scheme, house allowance and training and education opportunities and in some instances loans to their employees. The picture given by union leaders regarding the conditions of services for their employees is rosy and impressive contrary to the perspectives of the employees themselves. However, it was established that it is only employees at TUM, NONM and MCTU who enjoy the above mentioned benefits though generally no to the optimum satisfaction. Employees at TUM, NONM and MCTU still have grievances which need to be redressed by their respective employers. Nevertheless, employees in these three unions are better off as compared to their counterparts in the other unions as far as working conditions are concerned.

Benefits Provided by MCTU

MCTU provides established benefits to both its members of staff and the affiliates. These include financial support for various professional trainings, Loans and special assistance particularly during  bereavement. These benefits are managed by the MCTU secretariat. Management of these benefits involves regular monitoring and evaluation. Information pertaining to these benefits is communicated to the members of staff and the affiliates through emails and circulars. The source of finance for the proffessional trainings and loans are the funds from cooperating partner (Lo-Norway) while the special assistance is largely financed by the affiliation fees collected from the unions.

However, in late 1990s, MCTU was able to provide the following benefits to the affiliates and workers:

  • Legal support in court cases by settling financial costs.
  • Monitory compensation to workers in an event of unfair dismissal.
  • Support to communities affected by child labor with regards to small scale businesses and education.