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MCTU Goals and Objectives

  • To Promote technical and intellectual capacity of its affiliates
  • To fight for the Improvement of working conditions for all workers
  • To provide strategic management and leadership to the movement
  • To support and enhance service delivery to affiliates and all workers
  • To provide affiliates with advice and/or assistance either morally or materially.
  • To support organizing and recruitment of workers from all sectors and new areas.
  • To organize  and  secure support  in  order  to  prevent  social  and  economic exploitation or oppression of the workers.
  • To educate and sensitize affiliates and workers on issues affecting workers .i.e. Human Rights and labour laws.
  • To organize  and  build  effective  trade  unions  based  on  the  democratic organization of workers in their workplaces.
  • To build capacity of affiliates in areas of negotiations and collective bargaining, communication, financial management, strategic leadership and other general activities,
  • To work for the restructuring of the economy that will allow the creation of wealth which is democratically controlled and its  fruits  shared  amongst all workers and citizens of Malawi.
  • To organize all workers regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or  other  opinion,  nationality,  ethnic  or social  origin,  disability, property, birth, marital, HIV real or perceived status or other status.
  • To facilitate and  encourage  amicable  settlement  of  differences  between MCTU and its affiliates, between the affiliates themselves, between an affiliate and a non-affiliate, or between an affiliate or group of affiliates and employers or an employers association or federation.