ILO special multimedia report: Child Labour in Malawi

Half the people here live under the poverty line, and nearly one and a half million children are in child labour. Both tradition and the cycle of poverty make change difficult, but the introduction of the ILO’s Support for the National Action Plan to combat child labour in Malawi, called “SNAP” has made a positive difference in people’s attitudes.
The SNAP model combines a community-based child labour monitoring system, investment in infrastructure, and coordinated community action to identify child labourers and give them a chance to access education, training and eventually, employment.
The child labour monitoring (CLM) system identifies children in, or at risk of child labour, offering them appropriate alternatives. The system also provides for the monitoring of the child labour situation in target areas such as on Malawi’s tobacco plantations and other rural settings. It is this community-based approach which makes the CLM so effective.

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